Monday, January 30, 2006


chocolate is good. chocolate things i have tasted since the fast...
ben and jerry's fossil fuel
jen's magnificent brownies
hershey's chocolate with extra chocolate inside is so good.
i also had the best run tonight as well. its parent teacher conference week so i was stressed to get some things done, especially getting back into running. well i ran was amazing. the sky was absolutely beautiful. i think i sprinted 2.5 miles in like 20 minutes. God is so good. so instead of not feeling incredible until the end of the day, i'm going to run in the mornings all week...5:30 am baby. i'm really pumped and i know it will be great. wait, phone call.....
dang...i guess with all the good, comes a little bad too. if you are reading this, please pray for my grandma y. she's not doing too well. she didn't take her meds (we think on purpose) and was unconscious (due to lack of oxygen----see you can't smoke it's so bad for u) and finally woke up tonight. my dad had to red eye it up to ohio tonight. specifically pray for god to take care of her. whatever god's plan is for her, i know her time is coming soon. i want to be sad, but it's more of a relief knowing she's going to be happier up in heaven. she really wants to be there with my grandpa. i want to pray that she stays around longer for us, but really i want her to be happy. she's been waiting and praying so long to be up there. she's so faithful and knows God will answer her prayers. so God, please, take care of my grandma...she is really old and can't take care of herself anymore. she's been waiting a long time to be with grandpa. i just want her to be happy...i know you will do what is best and i am faithful that everything will be taken care of through you. thanks God...