Tuesday, December 12, 2006



This story is the next chapter taken from a book called “The Black Snowman”. This story is based on an African tale about a boy who hated being black. One day he makes a snowman in the streets of the city where he lives. The snow is all black, therefore the snowman he makes is black as well. He finds many items to complete the snowman, one item being an African style cloth. The cloth has magic powers that make the snowman come alive. All in all, the snowman shows the little boy the importance of being proud of how God made him. He ends up saving the little boy in a fire and the only thing that remained of that snowman was the African cloth. The story concludes by one of the firefighters picking up the cloth and bringing it home for his daughter in hopes she can make clothes from it. And so, our story continues…

“Papa, that cloth is too ugly for me to put on any of my perfectly beautiful dolls” exclaimed Hannah.
“Dear, whatever you touch turns beautiful, I’m sure you can create something perfect from it” Papa replied.
“Why couldn’t he bring me home a pink and white flowered material? Why can’t we afford pretty cloth, this one smells like smoke! Probably found it in one of the houses that was burning down on his shift last night.” Hannah shoved the cloth under her bed. Little did she know it was placed on top of her old ragged doll she used to love before she got her new, prettier dolls. That night right after she said her players, she heard something coming from under her bed…..
“Oh, so I’m not beautiful enough?!” a high-pitched voice came from under her bed. “Huh?” Hannah questioned in surprise. “Who’s here?”
“It’s me, Molly. Your old favorite doll, until I wasn’t pretty enough for you.” Hannah could tell that Molly was very hurt. Hannah noticed that hideous cloth her Papa gave her on Molly. It didn’t look hideous on Molly though, and Molly looked different. Her holes were stitched up, her hair was in neat braids, and her clothes looked brand new. She has the cloth around her neck like a fashionable scarf.
Hannah, let me take you back to who you used to be when you could see beauty in anything. This world of magazine, movies and tv shows has you all messed up about true beauty. Molly grabbed Hannah’s hand and the zoomed off into an unrecognizable place. It reminded her of a place that would be on the Discovery Channel. It was a lush, green jungle with flowers everywhere, as if it they were placed perfectly in a picture. Animals roamed free and fearless. She heard singing. Hannah’s attention was drawn towards a group of women. They were singing and dancing by a waterfall. They didn’t have any makeup, jewelry on or fashionable clothes. They actually looked pretty old and wrinkly. But there was something about them that Hannah was confused about. Why were they so happy? Why did they have such a beautiful glow about them? Their happiness brought on a silent beauty. Hannah remembered a crown she made of sticks one summer. Every time she put it on she felt beautiful. She smiled whenever she wore it. She was proud of her creation and it made her feel beautiful. “I can tell by your expression that you know why I took you here. Now lets go back in time when you realized your value through someone else’s eyes.
Immediately they were at the park down the street from Hannah’s house. It was raining so hard. The rain felt like water balloons hitting against their face. Hannah remember this day like it was yesterday. She say herself over by the rusted swings. There was a little girl standing in the middle of the rain crying out for her mom. Hannah saw herself run for the girl and help her. Hannah remembered what the girl’s mother said to her once she returned her daughter safely home. “There is beauty in your heart, thank you for putting another before yourself Hannah. I hope my daughter remembers your compassion.”
“See, it’s not about your appearance, you looked like a wet dog walking that girl home. The mother saw your heart and she didn’t even know you.” Molly was getting fired up now. “Now, let me show you who you could be one day!” she screamed. They warped 15 years into the future. Hannah recognized the place as some sort of classroom. The “desks” (which were really just benches and they wrote on books) were filled with children in rags. There was a tall, brown haired woman in plain clothes and a bandana. She looked like she was teaching the class. The kids didn’t look older than ten years old, which was Hannah’s age. Hannah didn’t recognize the type of math they were doing, she just figured it was in their language until Molly told her what they were actually learning…Calculus! Ten year olds were learning high school math! Each time the teacher noticed a student trying their hardest she would squeeze them with the most addictive looking hug she had ever seen. The children’s face lit up with joy. “Who is that magnificent lady and why is she working with children in rags?” she asked. “That is you Hannah. You left your life in America to bring wealth to the nations of Africa though education. These children now have a chance to go to college because of you. We look at wealth and beauty as outward appearance and our possessions. Education is what makes a person wealthy in many countries” said Molly. “That’s beautiful” Hannah thought.
“Beep! Beep! Beep!” Hannah woke immediately. “Where am I? Molly?” Molly was lying next to her, but the scarf was missing. Molly looked like her old ragged self. Hannah heard barking from the window. She saw Patty, her dog, with a colorful African style cloth in her mouth and next to Patty, a little girl. The girl took the cloth and walked back to her apartment.