Friday, July 20, 2007


How many times in the Bible did Jesus just totally shut the Pharises up? How many times did Paul write about religion being dead-worth nothing if there was not love and relationship? Jesus came to have a relationship with us. To encourage and teach us to love our neighbor more than ourselves. "They wear this, that's disrespectful", "What is up with having large screens in church?", "The pastor didn't talk to me or shake my hand", or how about this: "I can't find a church that serves my needs". If people like that weren't so involved in themselves and their needs, they would hear stuff like this coming from people who fear church, want Jesus but are afraid people will judge or condemn them, "I don't go because people will judge me. I read the Word and love the LOrd, but church? no, not for me". I know it is excuses on both sides, but READ THE WORD! Jesus did not show us to live for man! He taught us to live for God, and with that comes trial, with that comes confrontation, with that comes question! Don't be so offended! Remember John the Baptist? He was sitting in jail while Jesus was sitting at dinner with "theives, tax collectors, and prositutes". You think John was happy hearing that!? Do you think that's why he lost his life to pave the way for a Christ who did that? He couldn't be offended, he didn't do it for recognition nor for himself. He did it for God, because God asked him to. I get so heated when people Christian too-come up with the dumbest things to get offended about. "It's too contemporary, its too traditional, they spend my money wrong, i think they should do this". You aren't going to control where the money goes, nor what you think-you are going to grow with God and if you let every little thing stop you-then it's your loss and you aren't ultimately obeying the "RELIGION" of God. Jesus' religion says love-serve-honor eachother. Once we know the Lord, we treat his church like our bride! The church is His bride. The church is there to heal people, save people, love people. God loves people, and we need to too. Not judge them. But no matter what we think-be there for them. I could easily get offended (and sometimes i do and have). If i worried about every little thing i hear someone say about me, i'm spending a lot of time thinking about me and "Why God? Poor me" and a little time thinking about what He wants me to do. Satan uses church and its people and mostly our insecurities to keep us out or in a level of being comfortable. if we are always comfortable then we are never growing. just think of all the people who would come to church if they felt accepted and welcomed. i have a lady where i work who complains and complains, "i can't find a church" but has something horrible to say to every church she goes to, that honestly God doesn't even care! She left in the middle when the Youth Pastor walked on stage in jeans. LORD HAVE MERCY! So much time wasted on things that don't matter! So i'm not going to be static about it-i'm telling her to come to church just to give us suggestions on what to change-i know she'll hear the word and god will work on her heart, i just have to get her there!


Gail said...

Praise God....I hear comments such as that all of the time. It's easy to want to get offended, but those are the type of people that are just going to get offended no matter what is said and done. You could bend over backwards for them, but they get mad because you didn't bend forward. ;0) All we can do is love on them anyway, which can be one of the hardest things to do.Eventually, all of that love will begin to click and the person will realize that the problem was probably not the church or the pastor in jeans anyway--maybe, it was her (or him.)