Monday, November 19, 2007

this is for us all

"One night the Lord Spoke to Paul in a vision: 'do not be afriad;keep on speaking, do not be silent. For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you, because I have many people in this city.' So Paul stayed for a year and a half, teaching them the word of God" Acts 18:9-11.
I do not believe that something like this would only be for Paul. Why do we read in the Bible, that only the Pauls or Josephs or Daniels recieve words from God through visions? I believe that we all have access to these things, just like we all have access to the Holy Spirit. Visions, signs, wonders, miracles...they are all available to us. The cool thing i like about this scripture is what God tells Paul. DO NOT BE SILENT....DO NOT HOLD BACK WHEN IT COMES TO SPREADING MY WORD. Does that mean get up in people's faces and read the word?
No way, Paul didn't just preach. He had to show it, live it, walk it. I know when I first starting walking out my faith, i was persecuted all the time by my friends. I think it was an extra layer of grace that really pushed me to not care-i rarely felt beat up. Although i felt misunderstood-I never felt like i would ever stop telling people I was a Christian....
what god is demanding from me now is that i walk it out in everything. that blanket of grace has been lifted off, and what a great time-when the weather is getting colder! "yeah,yeah Rach, we all know you are a Christian-we all know and see that you serve all the time, wednesdays, sundays, small group on Tuesdays...." God is waiting for me to step it up. "Do not be afriad, for i am with you" just like he said to Joshua to encourage him to step it up. He's always with us. Whether it is to actually speak the name of Jesus where it is unwanted or being more disciplined. He's there with you. Always....we just have to choose to tap into the Holy Spirit connection. Just like for me, working out...i have to go to the classes or i don't stay motivated...that's funny because each class i take now gets less and less effective to me mentally. Maybe God's saying, please Rach, just work out because i demand a healthy body for you, not for any other reason, you don't NEED classes, just me. With my job.....marriage, anything!!!
I have access to it all, whenever i choose. Pray for visions, pray for direction...keep your nose in the word. discipline yourself...oh yeah, and not just when you want to...not just when it's not fun...and just watch the Holy Spirit take action in your life...just like he did for Paul-you want God to use you? Paul knew he really wanted to be you?


Little Steps Of Faith said...

You are a gifted writer. I am SO glad that you and your momma came into my blogworld;)
I look forward to getting to know you.
You aren't far away, and you are about my age.
I am in Deltona, and I am 27.

Be Blessed:)


sammie said...

Rae, Paige and I are doing the sermon Sunday. I'm using Angie's You Say God Said piece, at the end during communion. Paige is doing You Say. I'm doing an alter call, I know with 98% of the world saying their christians something is wrong in that process but I feel like He's pressing me to that.
I bought the "travel the road" series(a fascinating look into frontline missions) for myself and now God has some set of twin boys 15 that He wants it sent to. I never get to keep anything.

Rachael said...

you are a gypsy, give it all away! you blessing isn't always in the resource-it's in the big picture. i would love to see you and paige share together. i pray so strongly that your words are His words that pierce the hearts of all those children. i pray for the next generation to rise up and destroy the image the "christians" of the world have portrayed. praise god for your willingness and pure hearts. lord cover paige's school, fill her with the wisdom you gifted Solomon with as a young leader. let Your love fall down like heaven and saturate every young heart that is getting ready to meet you Lord. thank you for my jesus freak aunt. thank you for her heart of boldness!