Friday, November 02, 2007

When Lord?!!!

Every so often, I do my blog run. I go through all the people who have blogs, that i know of read them, catch up, pray for, and get excited over. Most of the blogs i enjoy reading are of the missionaries over in Africa. They inspire me so much, that is my peace....knowing Gary and I will be there one day....that is what brings my peace....and that is the first thing Satan tries to attack us in too, that we aren't ready or when we are called, that something will happen and it won't work out. Well, when He starts, i must always remember that if Jesus has authority over the devil, and Jesus lives in me, i have authority over him as well. He belongs no where but under my feet! I can talk back to him, i can squash him with scripture of the truth and what God thinks about me. But back to the blogs, i do not comment much, but I am inspired because of their strength, and how much they rely on eachother, but mostly how much they rely on God's word and His feelings and truth towards them. They are doing amazing things over there in Africa, some missionaries have multiple children over there with them. It can be done, and is being done right now! It gives me hope and a confidence that God can use and will use Gary and me one day to help change nations. My heart is with the young girls of that continent. I pray that the Lord chooses to send us soon!!! We can't wait!!! Well, we can and will, but you know what i mean!!!!