Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Are You Asking Me To Walk On Water?

"He who trusts in himself is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom is kept safe" Proverbs 28:26
Day 7
Yesterday my heart was numb.
But I'm learning to experience Him without bringing anything to the table. The inside is coming out. I'm not doing it. I fought it last night. I was ready to give up. I was ready to just quit and say ok God i'm close enough. But He wouldn't let me. God wouldn't let go of my hand. I was ready to give up on Him. Please understand I wasn't asking for anything. I just got so sick of taking taking taking from Him, and feeling like I never had anything to give Him. "God, before i pray and ask you for anything, let me read these chapters in the Bible for you. Before I say i'm sorry for my attitude here, let me help someone or show you my patience in this area." But i just got too tired. I lashed out on Gary. And everytime, God's face is shown to me in his eyes. He said, "it's ok, take a rest..."
"But God, I have nothing to give you"
"You never need to give me anything, Rae. I never ask anything of you, but to desire to be close to me. Everytime you try to do these things for me, when I just want you to talk to me. Just ask me questions. Learn the little things about me. When you do, you'll see how i see you, you'll love how i love, you'll walk how i walk"
"Are you asking me to walk on water Lord?"
"Yes, but you can hold my hand"

"WHen the righteous thrive, the people rejoice Rae. If you hold it, you will see what I mean by righteous. The people around you will rejoice. Your prayer for them to feel My presence through you will happen. I'm just waiting for you to take my hand"

It's so true. Peter was asked to build God's church. He would be the first everything in the Christian community. Priest, preacher, the initiator. He was #1 on Satan's hit list. Even after Satan begged Jesus for Peter, He never let him have Peter. He never gave him to Satan. He asked Peter to walk on the water during a storm. That righteousness Peter walked in, that Paul walked in was because of what they did? No, it was because it came from God because he responded to faith (Philppians 3:9).

"Yes God I will take your hand, I can't do anything without you"