Thursday, March 20, 2008

Prayer List

I have always thought that making a specific prayer list from time to time is a good idea for anyone who is believing God for big things. After the church fast in January, God has truly opened our hearts to all the possibilities He could use us for in missions. At first, we were set on AFRICA-we wanted to be missionaries there forever. People are always asking us when and how long-but it wasn't until recently did we get the revelation that Africa long term was our desire for our lives. His desire for us, God, is to help our HOME, CELEBRATION, bring as many lost, hurting, and orphaned to know Him. If that means Africa long term, that means Africa long term. If that means Africa in 20 years, then so be it. If that means never Africa-again, we're down with it! Whatever that means, Gary and I are in complete submission.
Last night we met with Pastor Branker from our church. We were so blessed by the converstation and I want to share with you an illustration he painted for us. Abraham-first God asked him to leave his land-in other words, leave the past, forget what he held on to so tight. then God asked him to sacrifice Issac-leave the future and everything it meant up to Him. God wants us all to do the same. Forget what has happened, what you have done for the kingdom, what you think should result from your efforts and also what you think the future will hold. God is going to do whatever for His sake anyways. It was just so powerful to me. Hearing that, knowing that missions are so heavy on my heart...on Gary's...before we decided to get serious and date, that was the major thing we both had to seek God in-WERE WE WILLING TO BE POOR, LIVE ANYWHERE, and DISCONNECT OURSELVES FROM THE LIFE WE HAD HERE IN THE US?
Duh, that was an easy one.
But, truly, Africa, missions, where ever the future may lead us, I pray that God's holding our hand through it all. We want to be right behind Him. We want to be walking in his footprints.
We leave on Monday. I'm hoping to be able to blog over there. I would love to share with you what God is doing as we spend 2 weeks with the most amazing organization planted in Africa. Pray for us. Here's out list.
-Our flights and bus ride to Swaziland are safe and on time going there and back
-The team is led strongly though the leaders
-The connection between the on-site missionaries and the short term missionaries is stronger than any other team sent there.
-We see God in every hand shake, hug, smile, and word.
-God builds up the churches being planted in Swaziland and Zimbabwe
-Ben Rogers is given Godly wisdom and leadership to take on the pastoral side of the new church
-Gary and I are led to know steps to take next in our journey with missions
-Pastor Dixon from the Zimbabwe church plant (Oasis of Life) keeps filling up churches (he's on his second one!)
-All of you here at home grow in your relationship with your loved ones and our God in a mighty way.
-We all can truly let go of our past and our futures to the LORD!

thanks for reading-We hope to be able to share with you! I want to be able to do video!!!


Jon said...

Awesome. It is such an encouragement to me to read about other people, especially couples, giving their lives wholly to the ministry! I am still trying to figure out what God wants from me and where. I know he wants me on the missions field and I am pretty sure it is in Europe.. but we'll see! God Bless you in your pursuit of His will!!!

Gail said...

:0) Now that's a prayer list! I will have to print that out and Will and I will both pray over those things together!

I love that picture. And as I read what you wrote, I thought to myself just as God was testing Abraham, you both have been tested and God knows without a doubt you two would go to the ends of the earth, the poorest of countries...And He has big plans for you two, and in His perfect timing, He'll reveal!

May we all benefit from your experience to Africa. May the revelations that you receive be so great that you simply can't contain them. May you be overfilled, overwhelmed, and overjoyed with the goodness of the Father and His purpose for you on this trip! IN JESUS NAME!

Digging for Pearls said...

If you have a few minutes, I would love your input on my blog in regards to the ten struggles that Christian women face. Thank you!