Sunday, April 01, 2012

milk and honey

We made it out of the wilderness, or desert, whatever you want to call it. And now, I find myself lost in new ways. ForEVER i have been asking God to grow and mature me. Forever. No more pushing off responsibility, not meaning what I say, or self pity-which has been awesome-but when this horrible growing season ended, i realized i am a young mother of two and a wife....those titles carry so much more weight with me now. Don't get me wrong I know they always have-but when I took myself, insecurities, and fear out of them all, stepped up to the plate, and started functioning in those positions, I realized, this is for real.....i had to think a bit about it, and then thought to myself, "How cool". I'm not longer chasing after society's standards for women, or trying to impress someone by my deeds..I just have been studying my role and living it up! I have two beautiful little girls....whom i learn from EVERY DAY! Who say the most innocent things....who have taught me how strong I really am! I have a self sacrificing husband...a man I have prayed for even before I knew who I was praying to!!!! The type of man who plays the male role in a film you fall in love with, that's Gary...
So as I bask (it's so much sweeter knowing how far i have come) in this land of milk and honey, let me never forget where I was, and how hard it was for me to get here....and also, that this won't last forever-life will throw new challenges, sacrifices, valleys that I must persevere through, prove my worthiness to...
so here lives a 30 year old mother of two, wife, and teacher who will take the next challenge, the next opportunity to grow and learn knowing there is always a land of milk and honey waiting for me to return to!